The yachting industry is invited to the best Scandinavian boat show

The yachting industry is invited to Open Yard. This is the 24th consecutive year for Open Yard. All boat manufacturers and relevant yacht equipment exhibitors are invited to show their yachts and equipment over the weekend 25 to 27 August 2017. This is Scandinavia's largest sail boat show. 

Several news for 2017:

After the official closing hours for the fair it will be possible, for visitors and exhibitors, to buy food and drinks in the middle of the harbor at the Caribbean bar with real palm trees. The food is served by Kalaskockarna, well-know for their good food.

There will be a clearly defined part of the harbor for recent premium brokerage, exhibited by professional yacht brokers. So far Båtagent, Navark, XLNT Yachting, Knape Marin, Yachtbroker , X-Yachts Sweden and Hallberg-Rassy Deutschland GmbH have signed to participate.

For yacht exhibitors who need a quiet place for discussions with their clients, office facilities will  be available if required.

All will be in on place on the island Orust: Ellös, and one Open Yard. All boat builders in the neighborhood showing their boats in Ellös. This makes it easier and better for visitors and exhibitors.

Some figures about the Open Yard in Ellös from last year, 2016

Visitors were asked how they rated the exhibition

1 was the lowest and 5 the best. The result was 4.9

Exhibitors were asked the same question and the result was 4.7

Visitors were asked if Orust is a good place for the boat show. The answer was 100% yes

25% of the visitors were there for the first time.

40% of the visitors visited the show previous year.

35% of the visitors visited the boat show 2014 or earlier.

The number of equipment exhibitors was the highest ever

When asked about sales during the fair, Hallberg-Rassy Parts, Kalaskockarna, who served the food, and Pelle P retail, rated it as the highest sales ever in history.

At the Open Yard you will find the most determined buyers

Registration forms for exhibitors:

Registration form for boats

Application for yacht equipment, without any direct sales deliveries from the stand

Application for yacht equipment, with direct sales with deliveries from the stand 

Logo in German

Stand number list for shore exhibitors

Graphic chart over exhibitors

Lots of sailing yachts

Lots of yacht equipment exhibitors

Scandinavia's largest sail boat show

Open Yard, Ellös, Orust, Sweden, 25-27 August 2017