Open Yard Ellös, Orust, 26-28 August 2022

Open Yard / Öppet Varv

Good news!  Open Yard / Öppet Varv is from 2022 part of Orust Sailboat Show with Open Yard, organized in cooperation between the Swedish boating business association Sweboat and Hallberg-Rassy. The show is Scandinavia's largest sailboat show and is held in Ellös on island Orust, on the Swedish West Coast, in the Hallberg-Rassy marina. Open Yard / Öppet Varv will be the part of the show where Hallberg-Rassy continues to open the yard for all visitors to see boat building in action. Because of that, the name of the show is now Orust Sailboat Show - with Open Yard. 

Orust Sailboat Show with Open Yard will take place in Ellös 26-28 August 2022. We have a concept that has made it possible to successfully arrange the show even the pandemic years 2020 and 2021. 2022 is the 29th year in a row for Open Yard in Ellös on Orust.

All boat sailboat manufacturers and sailboat dealers, as well as exhibitors of yacht equipment are invited to this show. All applications are handled by Sweboat, see Sweboat's contact details here. This is Scandinavia's largest sailboat show.

The show exhibits new sailboats from many different boat manufacturers, as well as used sailboats for sale in the water by professional yacht brokers, as well as the boat production in the work shops, classic boats not for sale and many yacht equipment exhibitors tents outside the yard. 

More than just a regular sailboat show

There will be many interesting boats exhibited to explore. We show both new and used sailboats for sale as well as classic sailboats not for sale. There is a vast offering of yachting related services and equipment. Orust Sailboat Show with Open Yard is the only boat show where you can watch yachts being built.

 You find the 2021 exhibitor's list here

You cannot find such a wide range of yachts on any other sailboat show in Scandinavia as on Orust Sailboat Show with Open Yard in Ellös. 

"Europe's most charming boat show" according to the Norwegian sailing magazine Seilas.

This show has visitors from far and wide who come to see this interesting and unique boat show, which is unmatched in the world.

Opening hours

"Europe's most charming boat show" according to the Norwegian sailing magazine Seilas

Open Yard

The only place you can see yacht production in action at a boat show

More sailing yachts than any other boat show in Scandinavia

Open Yard, see boat building in the making

Lots of things to look at for yachting enthusiasts

Open Yard, Ellös, Orust, Sweden, 26-28 August 2022