Tasteful food at reasonable prices

There are five nearby restaurants and those are open both during the opening hours of Open Yard, as well as in the evenings.

One of the restaurants is runned by the reputed Kalaskockarna, and is situated in the area of Open Yard. There is also a Caribbean bar with real palm trees and great music during the Open Yard. Four other restaurants are situated nearby.

During Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a vary lunch buffet is being served in the harbour area. The price is SEK 150/person, coffee included. Breakfast is available in the harbour area Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8-9.30 am. Food is also being served in the harbour area on Thursday evening, the day before the start of the boat show.

Lunch buffé with meat and fish dishes, salad buffet and coffee just 150 SEK. Examples of food in this buffet:
- Baked salmon fillet with boiled potatoes and white wine sauce
- Whole roasted pork fillet with potato gratin and pepper sauce

In the grill tent:
Sausage with bread 25 SEK
Chorizo with bread 40 SEK
Caribbean burger with pineapple salsa 90 SEK
Hamburger "Classic" 90 SEK
Shrimp sandwich 125 SEK
Caribbean fish soup with coriander, chili & coconut 95 SEK

Reservation for changes 

Other nearby restaurants:

Ellös Hamnkrog

Sjögården / Verhas

Nabbens Krog

Ellös Pizzeria