Successful April joke read by 126 805 persons


Open Yard / Öppet Varv yesterday stated on social media that Hallberg-Rassy will present a new cordless 230 v outlet suitable for yachts. Off course this an April joke. 

But in theory, this would be possible. Nikola Tesla had this theory already more than 100 years ago, but it didn't work then and that's the case still today. At least not for the power supply and the distance needed on a yacht. But on an experimental basis it is today possible to give cordless power supply with magnetic resonance to light up a light bulb on a 90 cm/3 ft distance. So one day... Remember where you read it first! 

 This April joke was a success in social media; shared by 340 persons, companies, magazines and news pages and read by no less than 126 805 persons, with 1 460 reactions and 232 comments just on social media in just 24 hours from that it was published!

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