Sum up of the Open Yard 2017


The Open Yard boat show was at least an as great success as previous years. Open Yard is Scandinavia's largest sailboat show, with a very wide range of yachting related exhibitors. There have been a lot of visitors, and even more important: every person that visits the Open Yard has got a genuine interest in boats. There is no boat show in the world with such a high proportion of boat buyers! Also showing interesting used boats from professional yacht brokers has taken the boat show to a new dimension. More contracts have been signed than earlier years already during the boat show, and there are multiple prospects for business for the near future.

All vehicles were referred to closest car park by parking hostesses, free of charge. Because we do not charge neither entry fee, nor parking fee, we have to measure number of visitors in another way. One way is to measure sales on food. Food sales went up slightly compared to last year. The turnover in the Hallberg-Rassy Parts shop was 91% better compared to last year! The sale of coffee and sweets were on the same high level as last year. One exhibitor, Onmar, had a shop for yachting hardware, one at the Open Yard boat show, and another identical one at another boat show on the Swedish West Coast with identical opening hours. A comparison is highly interesting. The sales at Open Yard is tripled compared to the sales at the other boat show.

That says a lot of which boat show that attracts the true boaters and buyers: Open Yard!

Furthermore, the Open Yard is the only boat show in the world where you can see yacht construction on site, in the making, even at the weekend, a much appreciated feature.

Also the weather was good. The little rain there was, happened outside the opening hours. Even the weather gods like Open Yard! 

Already now, a lot of exhibitors have announced their participation at the Open Yard boat show in Ellös on Orust 24-26 August 2018, the 25th consecutive Open Yard boat show. So book 24-26 August 2018 into your calendar already now!